Black 2.0


Black 2.0

Color: Dot
Size Chart

Size guide

Black 2.0
EU US men US women CM INCH
36–37 4,5–5,5 5,5–6,5 22,6–24,1 8 7/8–9 1/2
38–39 6–7 7–8 24,1–25,4 9 1/2–10
40–42 7,5–9,5 8,5–10,5 25,4–26,8 10–10 5/8
43–44 10–11 11–12 26,8–28,1 10 5/8–11
45–46 11,5–12,5 12,5–13,5 28,1–29,4 11–11 2/3
47–49 13–14,5 14–15,5 29,4–30,9 11 2/3–12 1/5

Not sure which size you have? Download and print our table, where you can measure your foot and easily choose the right size. If you are between sizes, the bigger size should fit for Compression 2.0 and a smaller one for Comfort 2.0.

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Slim  fit


Proper  barefoot


Double  Hem


Ready for action

Ready for action

Slim fit

With a middle cut and narrower toe-box, Skinners Black fit perfectly around the foot and ankle, providing plenty of support and balance for more dynamic activities and sports.

Intense feet activation

Proper Barefoot

With no insoles added, your foot is only a few millimeters from the ground. The Skinners Black edition delivers a true barefoot experience every step of the way.

Intense feet activation
Double hem

Double hem

New level comfort

The double hem gives our ankles a soft hug while maintaining a perfect grip. Plus, the seamless finish gives the Blacks an even sleeker look.