Comfort 2.0

  • Comfort 2.0

    Color: Sand
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    Comfort 2.0
    EU US men US women CM INCH
    36–37 4,5–5,5 5,5–6,5 23–24 9–9 1/2
    38–39 6–7 7–8 24–25 9 1/2–9 9/10
    40–41 7,5–8,5 8,5–9,5 25–26 9 9/10–10 1/4
    41–42 8,5–9,5 9,5–10,5 26–27 10 1/4–10 5/8
    43–44 10–11 11–12 27–28 10 5/8–11
    45–46 11,5–12,5 12,5–13,5 28–29 11–11 2/5
    47–48 13–14 14–15 29–30 11 2/5–11 4/5

    Not sure which size you have? Download and print our table, where you can measure your foot and easily choose the right size. If you are between sizes, the bigger size should fit for Compression 2.0 and a smaller one for Comfort 2.0.

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    Product available with different options

    Regular  fit


    Lightweight  and extremely compact

    and extremely compact

    Removable  Insole


    What's new

    What's new

    Regular fit

    No more squished toes with footwear that respects the natural shape of your feet. With a wider toe-box, nothing stands in the way of your comfort. Allow your feet to move around the way nature intended.

    Handy travel companion

    Lightweight and extremely compact

    While offering the functionality and durability of regular shoes, Skinners 2.0Comfort sock shoes take up little space and fit into any backpack. Thus, they serve as a reliable partner when traveling, hiking, or as a backup shoe for trips.

    Handy travel companion
    What's new

    What's new

    Removable insole

    We added a 2 mm thin perforated insole for that extra layer of comfort. With improved moisture-wicking capability, your feet stay cozy and dry. Oh, and you can remove or insert it as you wish!

    Always ready for action

    Machine washable

    Maintaining Skinners Comfort couldn't be easier. Just rinse the socks after each wear and leave them to dry out. They are also machine washable at 30°. Just note that you should not use fabric softeners or a dryer when washing.

    Always ready for action