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01 Hey, are Skinners socks or shoes?

Neither, yet both. We combined the best from both worlds – the freedom of a sock and the protection of a shoe into one nifty entity. Simply put, Skinners are a new piece/kind of clothing…

02 Should I wear Skinners with or without socks?

For maximizing your comfort and ensuring longer-lasting fresh feeling, we recommend wearing thin ankle socks with Skinners. However, it’s completely up to you, both ways are good, so choose for yourself whichever you prefer.

03 Skinners look fragile, aren't they going to break after a while?

No, we designed them to last. The bottom material is highly abrasive-resistant and is similar to the landing area on flagships. Knitting is seamless and there’s no glue or any other adhesive that could fall apart. Simply put, there’s nothing to break. You can only wear them out…

04 After how many miles will I wear them out?

We have worn the same model for more than a year and it’s still doing fine. But it really depends on if you are 250lbs guy using Skinners for running on a road or 100lbs girl using Skinners as backup shoes or just for walking on soft surfaces. That’s why we cannot promise the exact mileage. However, from our experience we can say that Skinners last longer than some kinds of running shoes for 150$.

05 Talking about running, how does it feel to run barefoot in them?

Running in Skinners is really like running barefoot. However, you still have to gradually train the muscles and tendons to regain strength. As for asphalt, other hard surfaces, long distances or dangerous environments where you wouldn’t run barefoot, we recommend sticking to classic running shoes.

06 I’m right on the edge of a size. Should I go for the smaller or the bigger one?

Everyone is unique and only you can consider what type of feet you have. It’s good to take into account the width of your feet – if it’s wider than average, it’s recommended to choose Skinners which are one size bigger. Generally speaking, Skinners should fit tightly, without any extra space and still feel comfortable – just as socks. If you are still in doubt, you can also take a look at our approximate size chart in centimeters and inches, which might help you with your decision:

XS: 22,6 – 24,1 cm XS: 8,9 – 9,45″
S: 24,1 – 25,4 cm S: 9,45 – 10,00″
M: 25,4 – 26,8 cm M: 10,00 – 10,55″
L: 26,8 – 28,1 cm L: 10,55 – 11,05″
XL: 28,1 – 29,4 cm XL: 11,05 – 11,60″
XXL: 29,4 – 30,9 cm XXL: 11,60 – 12,45″
07 Can I use Skinners as water shoes?

The bottom layer of Skinners is water-resistant, which means that your feet will stay comfortable even when you run in them on wet grass. However, the fabric on top does not provide any such water protection so if you want to use them for swimming, your feet will get wet. However, for safety reasons, it is always better to have your feet covered when swimming than to have bare feet. You can even use Skinners in salt water without any problems, just wash them in normal water afterwards carefully turning them inside out and letting them dry properly. It’s also good to know that there are no glues or seams used so you don’t need to worry that they will fall apart after using them in water.

08 Can I really wash them in a washing machine?

Yes, put your Skinners in a mesh laundry bag, set your washing machine to a gentle cycle (30°C/86°F), throw your Skinners in (we recommend carefully turning them inside out so as not to damage the fabrics) with your regular clothes and wash them together. After you finish, hang them out to dry properly (just as you would dry your regular footwear) and wear them again.

09 I have received my Skinners and they are perfect, but there are some small black pieces falling off. Will it stop?

Don’t worry, initial crumbling of the bottom layer is normal and is caused by surplus material. It will stop after several uses.

10 I have worn Skinners a few times, but I realized they don’t fit me perfectly. Can I return them?

Unfortunately, we can accept only unworn pairs due to hygienic reasons. Skinners are similar to underwear in this respect – you wear it directly on your skin which excretes sweat and by walking on the floor Skinners are directly in contact with dirt. Due to these factors, general hygiene rules make accepting these worn pieces of clothes impossible. To prevent this kind of an issue, please make sure that you try your Skinners on with socks and on completely clean surface.

11 What about custom duties, sales taxes, VAT, etc.?

We’ve already sent thousands of pairs all over the world without any problems for our recipients. However, please be aware that there may be import duties on consumer goods imposed in some countries. It is the responsibility of a customer to be aware of those duties, so please inform yourself about the import duties on consumer goods in your country. For orders from the EU, VAT is included – we are shipping from a warehouse located in the EU.

12 What about Skinners and ECO aspect? I bet you make them in some Asian sweatshop and pollute the Earth!

Since Skinners are completely handmade in family manufacture in Europe, we strictly obey the legislation of the European Union. We don’t use any toxic plasticizer, our compounds are completely phthalates-free and production waste is minimized below 1%. Simply put, production of Skinners is NOT associated with harming people, animals or the environment.

13 Rules of the “Black Friday” competition

During the period of the competition, with every 8th (eighth) consecutive order (i.e. starting with the order number 8 to nth order cleanly divisible by number 8) placed by any customer via our e-shop located at URL address during the period of the competition, the customer will get a 100% discount voucher on any Skinners product on the e-shop valid for 6 months (six months).

The Black Friday competition runs from Friday, November 29, 2019, 00:00 CET until December 1, 2019, 23:59 CET.

The evaluation will be done on Monday, December 2, 2019. From the list of all orders that were placed during the period of the competition, those that meet the criteria mentioned in the Principle part will be chosen as winning orders that entitle the customer to get the voucher.

An example of choosing winning orders for the case in which 17 orders in total were made during the period of the competition:

1st order – non-winner

2nd order – non-winner


8th order – winner

9th order – non-winner

10th order – non-winner

11th order – non-winner

16th order – winner

17th order – non-winner

Handover of the prize
A customer will be informed about having won the prize and its handover will be done exclusively by means of the e-mail that was provided when placing the order on e-shop.

14 Pravidla soutěžní akce “Black Friday”

V průběhu trvání soutěžní akce bude ke každé 8. (slovy osmé), po sobě jdoucí objednávce (tj. počínaje objednávkou s pořadovým číslem 8, až n-té objednávce dělitelné číslem 8 beze zbytku), provedené jakýmkoliv zákazníkem prostřednictvím e-shopu nacházejícího na URL adrese během trvání akce, danému zákazníkovi vytvořen voucher se slevou 100 % na libovolný produkt Skinners na e-shopu s platností na 6 měsíců (slovy šest měsíců).

Doba trvání
Soutěžní akce Black Friday probíhá od pátku 29. 11. 2019 00:00 CET do 1. 12. 2019 23:59 CET.

Vyhodnocení proběhne v pondělí 2. 12. 2019. Ze seznamu všech objednávek, které byly uskutečněny během trvání soutěžní akce, budou jako výherní objednávky, které opravňují zákazníka k získání voucheru, vybrány takové, které splňují uvedená kritéria v části Princip. 

Příklad volby výherních objednávek pro případ, že bylo během trvání akce uskutečněno celkem 17 objednávek: 

  • Objednávka – nevýherní
  • Objednávka – nevýherní

  • Objednávka – výherní objednávka
  • Objednávka – nevýherní
  •  Objednávka – nevýherní
  • Objednávka – nevýherní

  •  Objednávka – výherní objednávka
  • Objednávka – nevýherní

Předání výhry
O výhře bude zákazník informován, a její předání proběhne výhradně prostřednictvím e-mailu, který uvedl při vytváření objednávky na e-shopu

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