About Us

Every (r)evolution starts with a single step

Skinners started under a summer night sky in Norway when the first prototype was born and skyrocketed with the help of almost 10.000 customers on Kickstarter in 2016.

It was a first step that proved what we developed should already have been created a long time ago – something that helps us rediscover our own bodies, every muscle and every surface we encounter. Vision, persistence and hard work paid off so people all over the world can now enjoy Skinners for their own adventures. Ready to be used anywhere, only to serve its purpose – to let you MOVE WITHOUT LIMITS.

Running & Walking

Stretch & activate
your feet.

Skinners adapts to your body, activates each muscle and tendon and lets your feet do their thing.


Pack less.
Travel more.

Long journey ahead? That 10-hour flight or bus ride can be tough on your feet - being trapped in shoes simply because you can’t take them off due to the cold, dirty ground or embarrassing odor. Try Skinners instead.

Gym & Yoga

Lift without limits.

Get ultimate stability and grip to keep your posture under control while doing squats, deadlifts or planks. Completely feel how your feet and body work… Finally!


The camp shoes.

Hiking all day? Traveling? Driving? Long journeys can be tough. Let your feet relax while walking around the campsite or taking a long flight. Your feet will stay clean, dry and protected.


Discover the
world-class grip.

Hot sand, slippery stones, sharp corals or something unknown? Being barefoot at the seaside can be dangerous, so just put on Skinners and enjoy your surf session to the fullest.

... to be continued

Skinners is founded in small city of czech republic, our ambition arent small at all.

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Petr Prochazka, CEO